The Kyoto-based, Japanese multimedia artist, Baiyon is an active sound producer, creative director, art director, game designer and DJ. He is not bound to any single media.

Having made his musical debut in 2004 with the film Moog, a documentary about the legendary synthesizer maker, he has since branched out to many different artistic endeavors.

His work includes original music releases, musical score collaborations in various mediums expanding on his unique musical style remixing a wide range of music, from the works of Chilean-born Techno/House music producer of Ricardo Villalobos to and classic fighting game Street Fighter II.

Baiyon has run his own label, Descanso, for many years. It has produced various releases, remixes from other labels, and curated live performances across the globe.

He later went on to collaborate on video game projects with Q-Games as sound and art director with his now legendary titles PixelJunk™ Eden and PixelJunk™ 4am in 2008 and 2012, respectively. Quickly following this, he went on to compose for LittleBigPlanet 2.
Additionally, he was selected as one of fifty important game industry people by Game Developer magazine.

Not to be tied down, Baiyon has had his storytelling designs featured in artworks and character designs along with various collaborations and have gained global media attention. He is also currently working on an original apparel brand, "Whisper Not" .

In 2016, Now after 15 years as a freelance artist, Baiyon has joined Q-Games to take on a role as creative director and continues to apply his unique artistic sense to creating remarkable games.

Baiyon creates worlds that combine not only graphics and product design fused with music, but also visual arts, that has achieved praise from all over the world.


– Released "PixelJunk Eden 2" for Nintendo Switch, worked on the game, art and musical direction.


– Worked on remix album for Machinarium entitled "Machinarium Remixed" (Amanita Design)
– Worked on sound design and music for "FROGGER In Toy Town" (KONAMI)


– Provided a track for "YIIK: A Postmodern RPG" on PlayStation 4 and Switch
– Worked on sound design for PANASONIC’s PrimeSmash app for iOS and Android
– In addition to art and sound, debuts as game director for Eden Obscura
– Provided multiple tracks for Suda 51’s "Silver 2425" on the PlayStation 4
– Released 1st EP under "Tasukete Homie", a unit with Jukio "Kuabee" Kallio


– Full album "We are" is released
– Served as jury for IGF in the audio category, hosted by GDC


– Joined Q-Games as it’s creative director


– Collaborated with Minecraft’s composer, C418’s album: "148"
– Collaborated on an audio-visual software called "PANORAMICAL" for the PC
– Composed music for a game from Italy "FOTONICA" for iOS and PC


– Worked on audio-visual software for Leap Motion and Oculus called "Collider"
– Worked on Street Fighter II Remix featured in volume 4 of "Hi-score Girl" early-limited edition


– Worked on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 & Vita exclusive title called "Sound Shapes" (Curated Milkcrate)
– Worked on remix album for FEZ entitled "FEZ REMIX album – FZ: Side Z"
– Launched a collaborative apparel brand with Mhz called "Whisper Not"


– Worked on a remix album for Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery, a game on iOS & PC
– Released "in the collaborations 5" with Jorge González
– Released a collaboration with Q-Games on a PlayStation®Move exclusive title called "PixelJunk™ 4am"
– Keynote speaker for "Global Game Jam" presented in 46 countries and 243 locations


– Released "Vibes against Vibes vol.1 & 2", a charity compilation for Great East Japan Earthquake relief
– Worked on a remix for "Ricardo Villalobos, Los Updates – I Throw Water Into The Lake"
– Worked on sound design and tracks on PlayStation 3 exclusive title "LittleBigPlanet 2"


– Provided a remix on an arrange album CD for PlayStaion Vita’s "DARIUSBURST"
– Released 12 inch EP from Ireland’s label D1 entitled "Evening Glow of a River – EP"
– Released "in the collaborations 3" with Hirokazu Tanaka, aka Hip tanaka.ex


– Released PlayStation 3 title "PixelJunk™ Eden Encore"
– Released PlayStation 3 title "PixelJunk™ 3in1 Pack" (excluding Japan in APAC)
– Selected as one of 50 influential people in the video game industry in Game Developer magazine
– Launched a music label, "Descanso"


– "Goshoguruma" EP released by Tokyo-based Techno label WC Recordings
Ranked 1st on domestic music download site Higher-Frequency’s Techno, House, and Overall sales chart
– Released PlayStation 3 title "PixelJunk™ Eden" a collaboration project with Q-Games
– Released "PixelJunk™ Eden Original Soundtrack" under Aniplex
– Made a 3rd appearance at "Dublin Electronic Arts Festival" performing with MODEL 500 and Laurent Garnier


– Provided tracks for "STOP-ROKKASHO", a project that is centered around Ryuichi Sakamoto


– Released first album & 7 inch EP entitled "Like a school on lunch time"
Mastering by Stephan Mathieu, artwork by Tsutomu Nihei (BLAME!, BIOMEGA) and in production collaboration with Matic-log. EP includes an exclusive track with Doseone (Anticon) and Nakahara Masaya (Hair Stylistics).


– Live performance at "Spring Reverb Festival@San Diego", Los Angeles, CA and Tijuana, Mexico
– Performed at "DUBLIN ELECTRONIC ARTS FESTIVAL" along with with galaxy to galaxy(UR) and Mark Broom
– Performed live painting at "Expo 2005" at the global common 2, Canada special outdoor stage


– Provided a track for the official soundtrack for documentary movie "MOOG"


IGF Excellence In Audio Finalist – PANORAMICAL(2016)
IGF Excellence In Audio Honorable mentions – FOTONICA(2015)
IGF Excellence In Audio Finalist – PixelJunk 4am(2013)
GDC Awards Excellence In Audio Finalist – LittleBigPlanet2(2011)
Japan Media Arts Festival Entertainment Divison Official Selection – PixelJunk Eden(2010)
G.A.N.G Awards Best Interactive Score Finalist – PixelJunk Eden(2009)
KGC Awards Korea Innovative Designer – PixelJunk Eden(2009)
KGC Awards Korea Innovative Programmer – PixelJunk Eden(2009)
GDC Awards Best Downloadable Game Finalist – PixelJunk Eden(2009)
IGF Excellence in Visual Art Finalist – PixelJunk Eden(2009)
IGF Excellence in Audio Finalist – PixelJunk Eden(2009)
IGF Technical Excellence Finalist – PixelJunk Eden(2009) Most Innovative Design Finalist – PixelJunk Eden(2008) Best Platform Game Finalist – PixelJunk Eden(2008) Best Aftermarket Support Finalist – PixelJunk Eden(2008)
Qwartz Electronic Music Awards France Video Clip winner – Baiyon under the bridge / playground at dusk MV (2006)

Past Talks

Japan Media Arts Festival in Kyoto (2020)
Today at Apple (Apple Kyoto 2018)
BitSummit (Kyoto, Japan 2018)
New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival (Hokkaido, Japan 2017)
Casual Connect (Seattle 2017)
BitSummit (Japan 2017)
FITC (Tokyo 2015)
Global Game Jam / keynote (2012)
Independent Games Summit, GDC China (Shanghai 2011)
Korea Game Conference (Seoul 2011)
GDC (San Francisco 2010)
GameCity (Nottingham, UK 2010)
CEDEC (Japan 2010)
Korea Game Conference (Seoul 2009)
CEDEC (Yokohama, Japan 2009)
GDC (San Francisco 2009)