Like a school on lunch time

My first album released on 2006.
tried to capture nostalgic atmosphere of my childhood memories with lots of actual field recordings and sounds of broken machine.

Also collaborated for artwork with manga artist Tsutomu Nihei and artist Matic-log. mastered by Stephan Mathieu.

below are some commnet from my friend and profile of collaborator.

– hans fjellestad(Director of “moog”)
“baiyon lovingly tortures childhood memories with red-hot iron tweezers; dishing up nasty lunchtime nutrition that energizes body and soul with super fuzzy pop sound; you can live on it.”

– stephan mathieu (Orthlorng Musork/headz)
“Like a school on lunch time” bursts off your speakers like a blast of joy –
Crunchy tunes in the key of 1 and 0, Radio ga-ga, frickin’ punk rock! Just enough to make your day.

– Carl Stone
“Baiyon has found his own unique sound world to inhabit, and I enjoy visiting there. Check out “atin” and “multistory parking” for extra fun and frolic, and enjoy the grit, grime, crackle and crunch.”

– Christopher Willits (12k/Ghostly International/PLOP)
“Delicious, crunchy snacks of salty/sweet melody.”

-Nihei Tsutomu (A manga artist, “BLAME!” “BIOMEGA” etc.)
With an overwhelming scale of his touch of mega structure, and forth dimension-brain speed-cut up-designs of time & space, his hard-core SF comics have been smashing through the pop culture of manga, highly acclaimed across the sea, various genres, already sold well more than 100 thousand issues. He has been appreciated by a well known French “Band De Cine” artists, Enki Bilal (for God*Diva/Tykho Moon), a movie director, Guillermo Del Toro (“BLADE”, “HELLBOY”) is also one of his fans. Nihei Tsutomu’s sublime world is no doubt unprecedented. Please check his recent series “ABARA”, on a Japanese magazine called “Ultra Jump”.

-Stephan Mathieu (Orthlorng Musork/headz)
Stephan Mathieu is a regular favorite of electro-acoustic music, who uses the name Full Swing for releases on Orthlorng Musork (the label run by Kit Clayton). One of his best results is the album called “frequencyLib” on Ritornell (the label supported by Mille Plateaux), it was selected for the best 10 Electronic Music albums in the 2001 by a UK music magazine, The WIRE.) Nobody doubts this man is one of the best DSP wizards along with Fennesz. He has released 15 albums on various labels around the world, furthermore, made his marks in graphic design, digital art at his hometown, Saarbrucken. Also a lecturer for an university of arts.