Moog OST

OST of documentary film about Bob Moog and synthesizers released on 2004. It was literally my first worldwide debut among with Stereolab, Money Mark, Luke Vibert and New Order.. all amazing legendary artist.

33, Stereolab, The Moog Cookbook, Jean-Jacques Perry
& Luke Vibert, Psilonaut, Meat Beat Manifesto,
Bernie Worrell & Bootsy Collins, Electric Skychurch,
The Album Leaf, Charlie Clouser, Plastiq Phantom, Bostich,
 Pete DeVriese, Money Mark, Baiyon, Tortoise, Roger O’Donnell

Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Gary Numan, Jean-Jaques Perrey,
Devo, New Order, They Might Be Giants, Yes

Grab CD or mp3 here.